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Welcome WRC 2015: all Team HV, offers a team competition for the first year, after the experience of the first 3 editions made by ЛĄÐ team.

The competition will take place over 7 weeks of March 2, 2015 to April 19, 2015, with an endowment of 60,000 planets.

WRC 2015 is a team championship in 1 VS 1, 2 VS 2 and 3 VS 3 comprising only Dirt Maps unpublished, from across the TM community, as the game mode Round / Team.

The competition will take place in three phases: a qualifying group stage and final stage.

On this forum you will find all the necessary items for the smooth running of the competition: discuss, claims, downloads, results and games.

2 - Registration:

WRC 2015 is open to all Teams.

The number of line-up that may initiate Team is set at any amount. A team can therefore create several line-up. It will only be asked to differentiate each line-up. (eg HV1, HV2 ...).

It is also possible to create mixed line-up teams (eg 1 Player HV, NWT 1 player, 1 player ..... TMF), you are free on this point.

Deadline for submissions is set at 7 MARS 2015 at midnight.

2.1 - Line-Up of Composition:

Each line-up will consist of 4 x players. (No driver restriction)
There will be no limit Line-Up registered for the competition.
The top 24 will be qualified for the final table at the end of the phase of qualifying in 8 pools of 3 teams.

A second table named "IRC" will be set up for the teams is between the 25th and 40th place in qualifying.
Only those 40 LU can not continue the competition.

It will also be asked each Line-Up to appoint a Captain and Co-captain.

2.2 - Captain:

The captain vouch for the team and will indicate on the registration post:

- Mr. X (login: xxx) => Captain Mail =>
- Mr. Y (login: yyy) => Co-Captain
- Mr Z (login: zzz)
- Mr. A (login: aaa)
- Mr B (login: bbb)
- Mr. C (login: ccc)
- ...
- ...

"Read and Approved Rules"

It will be the only member of his line-up capable ask any complaints during the course of the competition.
He will be responsible to modify and edit the details of its line-up with the organizers, and set via the captains of the opposing line-up, the dates and times of games for the hens and final phases.

2.3 - Players:

Only the captain must individually register the drivers of its LU by not failing to fill in the "Team" and "log" in their profiles.
He will be asked also to keep Replays for possible audits.

2.4- Mercato:

The period of Mercato will take place at the end of the Pool stages and will last 1 week. (from 03/30/14 to 04/06/14 11:30 p.m. 11:30 p.m.)
Players who have participated in the phase of qualifying, but the line-up has not managed to overcome this phase will be transferable after that date as well.
It should not have been registered in another LU since the start of the competition.
This phase will be subject to moderation by the organizers.
There is no limit players transferable in Line-Up

3 - Organization and programming of the competition:

Each phase hens and finals will be played on 3 Maps 100% Dirt and unpublished ranging in length from 45 seconds to 1 minute to about 10.
A map will be in 1 VS 1
One will be in 2 VS 2 without the driver who participated in 1 VS 1
The third map will be in 3 VS 3

For chickens and final phases, each day will receive a new pack of Maps.
These will be downloadable from 22:00 every Sunday on the Forum in the space provided for this purpose.


• Semaine 1 : du 02/03/15 20h00 au 08/03/15 22h00 : Phase de qualifications.
• Semaine 2 : du 08/03/15 23h59 au 15/03/15 22h00 : Phase de poules, journée 1. 1/4 de finale IRC et 1/2 de finale Looser
• Semaine 3 : du 15/03/15 23h59 au 22/03/15 22h00 : Phase de poules, journée 2. 1/2 de finale IRC et finale looser IRC.
• Semaine 4 : du 22/03/15 23h59 au 29/03/15 22h00 : Phase de poules, journée 3. Finale IRC.
: du 29/03/15 23h30 au 05/04/15 23h30 : Mercato WRC
• Semaine 5 : du 29/03/15 23h59 au 05/04/15 22h00 : 1/4 de Finale WRC et 1/4 de finale looser WRC et 1/4 de finale Third WRC
• Semaine 6 : du 05/04/15 23h59 au 12/04/15 22h00 : 1/2 Finale WRC et 1/2 finale looser WRC et 1/2 finale Third WRC
• Semaine 7 : du 12/04/15 23h59 au 19/04/15 22h00 : Finale looser WRC et finale Third WRC.

le 19/04/15 à 21h00 : Grande Finale WRC.

 on 04/19/15 at 21:00: Great WRC Final.

4 - Servers:

- Qualifications:
The qualifications will be held on servers in the WRC Cup.
The servers will be protected by a password that will be communicated to each captain at the start of compétition.Un server will be opened without a password for players who have not yet registration.

- Group stage and final phases:
The group matches will be carried out on private servers teams.
If necessary, the team HV able to host matches if needed.
It is recommended to provide a server so that TV viewers can watch the game without disturbing the pilots.
The team captain must indicate the server with 1 hour before the game:
- The location and name servers and Match TV (if there is)
- The password of the game server.

A referee of the WRC competition will go to any point of the match to ensure the smooth running of the meeting.

screenshots will be to deposit to confirm the result and must be approved by the two captains of each line up.

- Final phase:
The matches of the final phase (from 1/4 finals) will also take place on the servers of each team.

5 - Qualifications:

The qualifications will be held from 8:00 p.m. to 02/03/15 03/08/15 10:00 p.m. on 4 maps unpublished 100% dirt.
The organization will provide TA 4 servers.
Only made local time (and not the Dedimania Records) on TA server will count for qualifying
So players will have 7 days to do their best times on the 4 maps available.
The ranking will be done by adding the 3 best times of each of the players line up on the 4 maps.

The 24 best line-up will qualify and will be arranged in the Hens A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H according to their results.

The second table "IRC" is planned on the number of teams entered, up to 16 qualified with 1/4, 1/2 and final.
2 WRC and IRC tables will be with Winner and Looser tables.

Drivers who have performed time with LU registration, will not join another LU before transfer window.

In case of equal time during these qualifications, we will consider the 4th time for LU, then 5,6,7,8 th if necessary.

5.2 hen -phase
The 24 best line-up will qualify and will be arranged in the Hens A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H according to their results.
Poule A : 1 - 9 - 17
Poule H : 2 - 10 - 18
Poule E : 3 - 11 - 19
Poule D : 4 - 12 - 20
Poule F : 5 - 13 - 21
Poule C : 6 - 14 - 22
Poule G : 7 - 15 - 23
Poule B : 8 - 16 - 24

At the end of the hens, the winner of each pool is found in the WRC final phase.

The second switches Looser WRC.

The third will go to Third WRC.

5.3 -Table IRC
The second table "IRC" is planned on the number of teams entered, up to 16 qualified with 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and final.
The losers will meet in 1/8 th Looser IRC with 1/4, 1/2 and final.

6 - A typical day:

Sunday 22h00: Provision of 3 new maps of the day on WRC TA server and on the Competition Forum in the downloads section.

All games will be played the day before the next Sunday, 10:00 p.m. on pain of defeat two teams.
No exceptions will be made regarding this rule; you have 7 days included to make your match.

The captains of the line-up to compete, will agree on the date and time of the game by posting on the forum in the space provided for this purpose. After the date, organizer validate the match date.
PS: In case of difficult or non-existent negotiations (refusal or no negotiating effort of a team as the default date suits them and despite the request of the other negotiating team), the staff will be the sole judge of the team offending and apply this penalty: 10 penalty points on the final result of the match.

- No trading or handshake before Saturday midnight = Package of the team in question.
The two captains will post their comments and screenshots of the results at the same place on the forum (the referee will validate the result in the finals).


During a run if a player is disconnected from the server the run ends in the state and everyone is waiting for 5 minutes so that the player can reconnect.
If the player does not return may be replaced / If a player has multiple disconnections (3 or 4 in a single map) the player will be replaced MUST.

7. Conduct of games:

The matches will take place in 1 vs 1, 2 VS 2 and 3 vs. 3 of 3 maps.
Each map will be 5 winners rounds with 2 warm-up before the first round.
The teams with the game with more than 3 players obviously have the right to change their line-up before each map and in the first warm-up. The line-up includes the 3 drivers in the map + a replacement if available. The second warm-up the line-up will be frozen.

If a player disconnect in the open during the game round, the round ends in the state and points are scored normally. He shall be granted a period of 5 minutes to reconnect to the server. After this period, the master shall appoint a replacement to finish the map.

During the group stage, the victory will earn 3 points, a draw 1 point, defeat 0 points.

CAUTION: victory will be played in number of rounds won, not by number of Maps earned.
In case of a tie between 2 line-up at the end of this phase, they will be decided at the goal average and the number of marked rounds.
Team A and B
Map 1: A Victory 5-2
Map 2: A Victory 5-4
Map 3: B 5 Victory 0
Grand Total:
A => 10 rounds
B => 11 rounds
The victory of the match goes to the team B even if it has gained a map on the 3.
In case of a tie at the end of WRC group matches, the victory will be the winner of maps at the respective meeting.
For live games confrontation, these are the maps that are authentic won if there is equality.

8 - Sanctions:

Every cut is prohibited during qualifying and games, it will cause the exclusion of the qualification.
A player may also be penalized if it has a bad behavior during a game, on the forum or another. His punishment will be decided by all the organizing group of the competition.

9 - Rewards:

For the WRC in 2015, the competition will feature 60,000 More planets.

Table WRC
• 1 => 20000 planets
• 2nd => 10000 planets
• 3rd => 5000 planets
• 4th => 3000 planets
• 5th => 1500 planets
• 6th => 1500 planets
• 7th => 1500 planets
• 8th => 1500 planets

• Win loser brackets WRC => 3000 plants

• Second loser brackets WRC => 2000 planets

• 3-8 loser brackets WRC => 1000 planets

• Win THIRD WRC => 2000 planets

• 2 THIRD WRC => 1000 planets

• 3-8 THIRD WRC => 500 planets

Table IRC
• 1 => 2000 planets
• 2nd => 1000 planets
• 3rd => 500 planets
• 4th => 500 planets
• 5th => 100 planets
• 6th => 100 planets
• 7th => 100 planets
• 8th => 100 planets

• Win loser brackets IRC => 1000 planets
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Compétition Rules...
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